New App - Testing Helpers

When starting a new app, I like to have some XCTest helpers to enhance testability.


This is a method to be used at the end of the unit tests to determine that the instance gets deallocated from memory correctly; Way faster than using the memory graph 😉.

It leverages the addTeardownBlock method on XCTest:

Teardown blocks are executed after the current test method has returned but before tearDown is invoked.


Runs the assertions provided for the publisher variable. Very useful for testing state transitions when working with SwiftUI’s views.


Runs the assertions provided in the main thread in an async way. Useful for testing objects that make async requests (using mocked protocols for the responses)

NotificationCenter helper for non-concurrent code

extension XCTestCase {
    /// Posts the given notification with the given instance of the NotificationCenter.
    /// Then polls every 0.1 milliseconds until the given `condition` is met.
    /// There is a timeout of 5 seconds, after which, if the condition has not been met, the test fails.
    func postAndProcessNotification(
        _ notification: Notification.Name,
        with notificationCenter: NotificationCenter,
        until condition: @escaping () -> Bool
    ) {
        // Post the notification notification)
        // Set a timeout of 5 seconds.
        let timeout = Date(timeIntervalSinceNow: 5.0)

        while !condition() {
            if Date() > timeout {
                XCTFail("Timed out waiting for condition to be true")
            // Check if we have met the condition every `0.0001` seconds (0.1 milliseconds).
   .default, before: Date(timeIntervalSinceNow: 0.0001))
New App - Testing Helpers |
Tags: iOS testing
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