Excellent Advice for Living

These are some notes from the book: Excellent Advice for Living by Kevin Kelly.

Wisdom I Wish I’d Known Earlier

  • Being enthusiastic is worth 25 IQ Points.
  • Don’t measure your life with someone’s else ruler.
  • Movement plus variety equals health.
  • The best way to learn anything is to try to teach what you know.
  • Choose not to be outraged today.
  • Everyone is shy. Other people are waiting for you to introduce yourself to them. Go ahead.
  • The more you are interested in others, the more interesting they will find you.
  • If you ask for advice, you will get a partner.
  • “No” is an acceptable answer, even without a reason.
  • 99% of success is just showing up.
  • There is no point in being the richest person in the cemetery.
  • No problems = No progress.
  • You are what you spend your time on.
  • If you are not embarrassed by your past self you have probably not grown up yet.
  • You don’t need more time, you need more focus.
  • Underpromise and overdeliver.
  • Ignore what others may be thinking of you because they aren’t thinking of you.
  • Avoid the snooze button.
  • If your goal does not have a schedule, it is a dream.
  • Cultivate an allergy to average.
  • No one is as impressed with your possessions as you are.
  • Don’t keep making the same mistakes; try to make new ones.
  • You are either late or early.
  • If you feel like quitting, tell yourself you will quit tomorrow, but not today.
  • Five years from now, you will wish you had started today.
  • There is no perfection, only progress. Done is much better than perfect.
  • Your ideal partner is not someone you never disagree with but someone you are glad to disagree with.
  • If you are alive, that means you still have lessons to learn.

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