The Compound Effect

These are some notes from the book: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.

The Compound Effect is the principle that the effects of small, everyday choices will compound over time, leading you to great success—or disaster.

We all know what it takes to succeed; the tricky part is creating a plan of action. There’s no quick fix to changing your life. Success will require hard work, discipline and commitment.

1: Putting the Compound Effect Into Action

The Compound Effect is a challenging system because it’s not about instant payoffs—you have to put in the work.

These small, smart choices, adhered to consistently over time, create huge changes.

Success comes from continued effort—daily hard work and discipline compounded over time.

Using the Compound Effect to create a better life is a matter of making simple, positive changes—and sticking with them.

2: You Make Your Choices, and Your Choices Make You

Your life is the sum total of your choices. Choices, no matter how tiny, alter the course of your life because they lead to behaviors; behaviors lead to habits. Your choices are your best friend or your worst enemy.

The problem is that many of our choices are ingrained in our routines and habits; we aren’t consciously making them. When multiple small, poor choices proliferate, we end up in a bad place. We sabotage ourselves without even knowing it.

The goal is to become aware of the choices you’re making rather than existing on autopilot.

People think they take responsibility for their lives, but many point to outside factors when things don’t go their way. Victimhood lets you off the hook when problems occur. For example, say you’re late to work. If you’re not taking 100 percent responsibility for your life, you blame the traffic or something that delayed you. But if you take 100 percent responsibility, you’d understand you should have left sooner or been more prepared before you left the house.

When it comes to the Compound Effect, the sooner you make small, positive changes, the better.

3: Habits and Goals

Remember that successful people don’t like doing the hard stuff either, but they do it anyway.

4. Finding Momentum

Momentum kicks in when you:

  • Make good choices
  • Engage in positive behaviors
  • Make these positive behaviors into habits
  • Remain consistent

Predictable daily routines are vital for success.

Aiming for improvements you can make consistently is critical for success.

Keep your pace slow and consistent; given enough time, your momentum will carry you to victory.

6. Breaking through to greater success

Hitting the wall is an opportunity for greatness, not an obstacle.

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